Share our Passion for Collecting


We at Tink and Burr are two fellas who got sick and tired of eBay’s rules and regulations. Having a large collection of all kinds of “stuff”, we decided to build our own website and do it our own way to offer our customers a better deal than eBay would allow.


We are currently planning a video session and will be uploading this on our YouTube channel, so watch this space. Once this is ready we will also be posting some pictures on this page and a bit of background information about ourselves.


You can follow us on Twitter as @tinkandburr, as well as finding Tink and Burr on Facebook.


We will be happy to try and answer any of your questions or requests, so email us at We will also consider a request to buy an item at a lower price than advertised, as long as it is within reason, as we don't get the pricing right all of the time. We are experts in our own minds, but feel free to prove us wrong, we like to think we offer a fair deal.


Browse away and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer, but come back as we are adding new items all of the time.