Discount Vouchers


We are soon going to add an automated system for giving you Discount Vouchers as a reward for shopping with us. But we can already give you discounts when they buy multiple items from our shop.

How it works

  • If you want to buy multiple items from us, just add these items to your shopping cart, but do not proceed to the checkout.
  • Contact us, either by sending an email to or using the Contact Page on the website, and provide us with a list of the items you have added to the shoppping cart. (There is no need to create an account as we can look at existing "Guest" shopping carts)
  • We will work out a discount and send you a voucher code that you can use at the checkout. This will not only be a direct discount on the goods you are buying, but if need be, we will take into consideration the total weight of the items together with packaging and add a further discount to ensure you do not pay over the odds for delivery.
  • Once you receive the voucher and are happy with the discount we are offering, if the items are still in your shopping cart just proceed to the checkout, otherwise add the items again and proceed to the checkout.
  • Once in the checkout, you will be able to enter the discount code we sent to you, allowing you to get the discount offered.
  • We will only honour the discount provided it is against the list of items you originally requested. If you add extra items to gain further discount on these, we will either refund your payment and not send out the goods, or request further payment to cover the difference.