Postcards (Collectable)


Title Price Weight
Always poking his nose in £1.00 8g
An' suppose me 'usband 'as got a dicky £1.00 8g
And you call this a safety belt? £1.00 8g
Another fellow going in for his test £1.00 8g
Big breaths now! £1.00 8g
Blimey! For twenty-five bob I can get a woman! £1.00 8g
Blimey, not on that salary £1.00 8g
Darling, is that all for me? £1.00 8g
Did this swelling start in your stomach? £1.00 8g
Does yer Mother know? £1.00 8g
'eres one nearly empty £1.00 8g
Exhaustion! £1.00 8g
Father's Come Home £1.00 8g
Got him at last £1.00 8g
Have gooseberries got legs Gladys? £1.00 8g
Have nothing left, but had a good time £1.00 8g
Having a sporting holiday £1.00 8g
Honestly George, I'm not keeping any secrets £1.00 8g
How to live on five quid a week £1.00 8g
I can show you a fully grown pair £1.00 8g
I can't get into nudists £1.00 8g
I dropped a couple of nickers £1.00 8g
I have a little Mary £1.00 8g
I just bought the right frame £1.00 8g
I suppose you're living like a Duchess £1.00 8g
I swerved to avoid a child and fell out of bed! £1.00 8g
I'd like one of those tallboys you advertise £1.00 8g
If yours is over 10 years old, have it tested now £1.00 8g
I'm busy Wilkins, look up this lady's skirt! £1.00 8g
I'm crazy about them £1.00 8g
I'm fresh! £1.00 8g
It's a performing elephant £1.00 8g
It's twenty to one! £1.00 8g
Jest like a man £1.00 8g
Just looking for concealed weapons £1.00 8g
Ladies - which brassiere do you wear? £1.00 8g
Land Of The Leeks £1.00 8g
Look where those little boys thumbs are! £1.00 8g
Mummy did you find baby under the gooseberry bush? £1.00 8g
My eyes are sho bad £1.00 8g
My husband was 75 £1.00 8g
No getting up behind £1.00 8g
No more parties for me boys! £1.00 8g
No such bird as the Stork! £1.00 8g
Not a bally lamp post in sight £1.00 8g
Not a drop Bill £1.00 8g
Pot-Hiders £1.00 8g
Rest Day £1.00 8g
Serving tea in bare legs £1.00 8g
Take my hat Lizzie! £1.00 8g
Taking my holiday down by the sea £1.00 8g
The Lodger taken in £1.00 8g
This is the place for putting on weight £1.00 8g
This poor little fellow born in this town £1.00 8g
We put it on our rhubub £1.00 8g
What does F-E-E-T spell? £1.00 8g
What's the new boss like? £1.00 8g
Why the heck don't you GET YOUR HAIR CUT? £1.00 8g
Won't be long fixing your damaged sign Miss £1.00 8g