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Antiquarian and Collectable (Top of Page)

Title / Author Price Weight
A Guide To Britain's Steam Railways: Steam Into The Seventies Please ask 820g
Antique Dealer & Collectors Guide Dec 1971 £1.00 460g
Antique Dealer & Collectors Guide March 1983 £1.00 230g
Boys Games And Sports £5.00 160g
Buchan's Domestic Medicine, A Compendium of Anatomy £40.00 490g
Butterflies & Moths Vol 1 & 2 Please ask 410g
Canterbury by Gordon Home (Hardcover - 1911) £2.50 350g
Cassell's Illustrated History Of England Volumes I To X £25.00 15920g
Cassell's New German-English And English-German Dictionary 1894 £1.50 980g
Collins Gem Wild Flowers (Gem Nature Guides) by Marjorie Blamey £5.00 120g
Cricket Crossfire [Hardcover] by Keith Miller £2.50 360g
Daily Mail Newspaper Monday May 4 1896 £1.50 80g
Encyclopaedia Britannica 14th Edition 1929 Volumes 1 To 24 £50.00 48500g
Encyclopaedia Of The World's Warships by Hugh Lyon; Captain J. E. Moore R.N. £2.50 1280g
Exercises & Problems In Practical Physics by Pingriff £5.00 280g
Forrest's Dictionary Of Eponymists Please ask 20g
Golden Jubilee Book Of The Daily Mail 1896-1946 (1946) £1.50 430g
Half Hours In Woods And Wilds by Anon. £7.50 510g
Harmsworth's Household Encyclopedia Volume 1 £7.50 1860g
Harmsworth's Household Encyclopedia Volume 2 £7.50 1780g
Harmsworth's Household Encyclopedia Volume 3 £7.50 1810g
Harmsworth's Household Encyclopedia Volume 4 £7.50 1790g
Harmsworth's Household Encyclopedia Volume 5 £7.50 1790g
Harmsworth's Household Encyclopedia Volume 6 £7.50 1780g
Health And Happiness - 350 Priceless Recipes £1.50 110g
His Majesty King Edward VIII Please ask 640g
History Of Ships Volumes 1-4 £15.00 9500g
Home Handicrafts Illustrated by R. Murry and C.E. Beal, First Edition 1951 Please ask 670g
Initiation At Beltane by Tamarin Laurel (Signed Copy) £5.99 450g
Larousse The Second World War by Philippe Masson (Editor) £5.00 1560g
Lessons In Elementary Chemistry by Roscoe £2.50 380g
Livingstone's Dictionary For Nurses Twelth Edition 1966 £4.00 190g
Make Yourself A Gardener, English Universities Press £5.00 270g
Manchester United Official Yearbook 2001 Please ask 440g
Modern Clinical Psychiatry by Arthur P. Noyes (Hardcover - 1948) £3.99 930g
Modern Steam Boilers: Their Construction, Management And Use, Etc by Ernest Pull (Unknown Binding - 1918) £4.99 520g
My Story by John Aldridge Please ask 175g
National Geographic Magazine Volume 107 (1955) £1.50 2350g
Nelson's Encyclopedia Please ask 1070g
Newnes Popular Encyclopedia Part 10 £7.50 110g
Newnes Popular Encyclopedia Part 13 £7.50 130g
Newnes Popular Encyclopedia Part 17 £7.50 120g
Newnes Popular Encyclopedia Part 2 £7.50 150g
Newnes Popular Encyclopedia Part 27 £7.50 120g
Newnes Popular Encyclopedia Part 29 £7.50 120g
Newnes Popular Encyclopedia Part 35 £7.50 120g
Newnes Popular Encyclopedia Part 8 £7.50 140g
Odhams Motor Manual [Hardcover] by Abbey £2.99 670g
Pears Cyclopedia 74th Edition £2.50 740g
Pears Cyclopedia 94th Edition £2.50 840g
Pocket Oxford Dictionary 1939 £1.50 450g
Principles Of Physical Geology (2nd Edition) Arthur Holmes Please ask 2140g
Private Annual 2001 Please ask 610g
Private Eye 1961 - 1991 - 30 Years Of Private Cartoons Please ask 340g
Queen Elizabeth Ii Stamp Catalogue 1979 by John Lister Please ask 900g
Road To Recovery: 1950's (Looking Back At Britain) [Hardcover] Please ask 980g
Sacremental Meditations And Advices by Rev John Willison (1810) £5.00 260g
Silver Wedding The Record Of 25 Royal Years, Louis Wulff £7.50 580g
Stanley Gibbons Europe 1 Stamp Catalogue 3rd Edition 1977 £2.50 650g
The Best Of Hazlitt by William Hazlitt £20.00 180g
The Book Of Knowledge (8 Set Encyclopedia) (HB) Please ask 12400g
The Classic Collector's Edition Grays Anatomy Please ask 1410g
The Coronation Book Of Edward VII (1902) £20.00 1590g
The Elliman R.E.P. Book Please ask 190g
The Game Of Cricket, The Lonsdale Library Vol 6 £4.50 660g
The Handbook Of Cricket. [Hardcover] by Keith Andrew £2.99 770g
The Handyman In The Home In 3 Volumes (HB)(November 1955 Reprint) £5.00 3050g
The How And Why Wonder Book Of Railways Please ask 160g
The Observer's Book Of Sea Fishes (No.28) [Hardcover] by A Laurence Wells £5.00 190g
The Pre-Raphaelites (Life & Works) [Hardcover] by Edmund Swinglehurst Please ask 460g
The Royal Wedding Official Souvenir £1.50 220g
The Second World War Volumes 1 & 2 by Winston Churchill (1948) £10.00 1570g
The Silver Jubilee Book (1910-1935) The Story Of 25 Eventful Years In Pictures (HB) Please ask 1310g
The South African Philatelist #453 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #454 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #455 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #456 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #457 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #458 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #459 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #460 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #461 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #462 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #463 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #464 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #465 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #466 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #467 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #468 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #469 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #470 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #471 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #472 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #473 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #474 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #475 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #476 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #477 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #478 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #479 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #480 Please ask 70g
The South African Philatelist #481 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #482 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #483 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #484 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #486 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #487 £1.00 70g
The South African Philatelist #488 £1.00 70g
The Story Of San Michele by Axel Munthe (Hardcover - 1938) £2.50 340g
The Voyage Of The Beagle by Charles Darwin (The Great Writers Library) £2.50 510g
These Eventful Years 1st Edition (Copy 1355/1500) Volumes I & Ii £50.00 3370g
Titanic The Disaster That Shocked The World by Mark Dubowski and Peter Dennis Please ask 160g
Warne's Model Cookery And Housekeeping Book With Coloured Plates (New Edition Circa 1901) £10.00 1030g
Wellbourn's Dictionary Please ask 20g
Woordenboek Of Diksjenaer Van't Mestreechs Please ask 1050g


Others (Top of Page)

Title / Author Price Weight
Reader's Digest Condensed Books [Hardcover] by Hank Searls, Francis Lynch . Et Please ask Please ask
The Sound Of Music Please ask 140g
Writer's Guide To Business Of Comics by Lurene Haines Please ask 310g
The Universe (Pocket Essentials) By Osborne, Richard £2.50 180g
100 Disasters That Shook the World by Nigel Cawthorne Please ask 560g
A Brief History Of Time [Hardcover] by Stephen W Hawking Please ask 510g
A Christmas Book Please ask 20g
A Club For All Seasons by Michael Holland Please ask 230g
A Commercial Arithmetic Book II by E Sankey & M Tomlinson Without Answers Please ask 150g
A Concise Dictionary Of Gardening A-K Please ask 410g
A Concise Dictionary Of Gardening L-Z Please ask 410g
A French Vocabulary by Murray & Lentz Please ask 50g
A Lakeland Notebook by A H Griffin Please ask 510g
A Question Of Judgement by Sara Keays Please ask 510g
A Royal Duty By Paul Burrell £1.50 793g
AA 250 Tours Of Britain (HB) £2.50 1730g
AA Members Handbook 1958-1959 by The Automobile Association (Hardcover - 1957) £2.50 350g
Age Of Enlightenment Edited by Chris Walton Please ask 280g
Alps & Men by G R De Beer Please ask 610g
Altered States by James Hughes £6.50 760g
An Insight Into Management Accounting [Paperback] by John Sizer £4.50 260g
Ancient Greece Myth & History by H. B. Cotterill, Geddes, Grosset Please ask 970g
Architectural Digest June 1984 Please ask 610g
Aromatherapy £1.99 140g
Aromatherapy- An A-Z by Patricia Davis; Sarah Budd £5.00 480g
Aromatherapy For Women & Children £2.50 330g
Astrotherapy £2.50 190g
Autobiography by Neville Cardus Please ask 470g
Avoiding Social and Ecological Disaster: The Politics of World Transformation by Rudolf Bahro and David Clarke £1.50 460g
Bartholomew's Graphic Atlas Please ask 710g
Basic Enameling by Lili Taubes Please ask 220g
Beat Route, Around The World With Jools Holland Please ask 860g
Behind The Surgeon's Mask by James Harpole Please ask 430g
Between Heaven and Earth by Harriet Beinfield £2.50 340g
Bewitched, Titania's Book Of Love Spells (Paperback) £2.00 2145g
Beyond the Warming: Hazards of Climate Prediction in the Age of Chaos by Antony Milne £2.50 190g
Born Free [Paperback] by Joy Adamson £1.99 130g
Brady And Hindley: Genesis Of The Moors Murders £1.99 120g
Brain Food by Lorraine Parretto £3.50 480g
Breaking Free by Srimala £2.99 310g
Britains Wonderland Of Nature £3.50 1110g
Burrow's Pointer Guide Map Of Liverpool £0.50 210g
But Little Dust: Life Amongst the 'Ex-Untouchable' Buddhists of India by Padmasuri £2.99 330g
Cake Decorating A Step By Step Guide by Fay Gardner (HB)(2nd Edition 1993) £5.00 760g
Carr's Dictionary Of English Queens, Kings Wives, Celebrated Paramours £10.00 20g
Carr's Dictionary Of Extra-Ordinary English Cricketers Please ask 20g
Catalogue Of The Prehistoric Metalwork In Merseyside County Museums, Work Notes 2 Please ask 420g
Celtic Book Of The Dead, The, by Caitlin Matthews £5.50 480g
Chambers Scottish Drink Book Please ask 690g
Changing Trains: An Autobiography by Steven Norris; Tony Austin £1.50 610g
Cherie - The Perfect Life Of Mrs Blair by Linda Mcdougall; Anthony King £1.99 520g
Child of the Dawn: A Magical Journey of Awakening by Deepak Chopra and Gautama Chopra £2.50 310g
Chinese Medicine For Women by Bronwyn Whitlocke £2.50 160g
Churchill The Man Of The Century Please ask 390g
Circle Guide To Pagan Groups 14th Edition By Circle Sanctuar Please ask Please ask
Circle of Compassion: Meditations for Caring for Self and the World by Gail Straub £2.50 180g
Cobbers by Thomas Wood Please ask 550g
Collecting & Polishing Stones by Herbert Scarfe Please ask 430g
Collective Bargaining (Modern Management Readings) by Allan Flanders £0.99 240g
Collectors Portfolio Of Harris Butterflies Please ask 560g
Collins Gem French Dictionary (2000) £1.50 180g
Collins Guide To Alpines & Rock Garden Plants (Hardback) by Anna N Griffith £5.00 760g
Collins Tracing Your Family History by Anthony Adolph Please ask 1190g
Colomba by J A Fontaine Please ask 260g
Companion To Prayer (CTS Companions) £1.50 110g
Complete Astrological Writings (A Star Book) by Aleister Crowley Please ask Please ask
Conquer Pain, The Natural Way £2.50 450g
Crimes Of Horror by Angus Hall Please ask 910g
Crystal Magick by Keith Morgan £3.50 70g
Cycling In The Lake District by John Crowe Please ask 160g
Decision Making (Modern Psychology) by Ward Edwards; Amos Tversky £2.50 290g
Delia Smith's Christmas (HB) £5.00 840g
Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course (1983) Please ask 810g
Diana: Her True Story. [Hardcover] by Andrew Morton £1.00 430g
Digging Up The Past by Leonard Woolley Please ask 290g
Down the Yangtze (Penguin 60s) by Paul Theroux Please ask 30g
Drawing And Designing Children's And Teenage Fashions by Patrick John Ireland £15.00 570g
Duke Of Wellington - What They Said And What He Said by Juxon Barton Please ask 20g
Duty Men: Inside Story Of The Customs by Peter Gillman; Paul Hamann £1.99 670g
Earth To Spirit by David Pearson £3.99 710g
Easy Way to Stop Smoking (Penguin health care & fitness) £0.99 137g
Economical Cookery Please ask 1010g
Edward Thomas Booklet Please ask 20g
Egyptian Magic (Studies In Hermetic Tradition) by Florence Farr Please ask 210g
Egyptian Paganism for Beginners by Jocelyn Almond and Keith Seddon £7.99 310g
Electricity And Magnetism by Al Pratt Please ask 310g
Elementary Textbook Of Anatomy And Physiology Applied To Nursing £2.50 390g
Enchantments Of The Heart by Dorothy Morrison £5.50 290g
End Of An Innings (Hardback) by Denis Compton Please ask Please ask
English Saga by Arthur Bryant Please ask 520g
European Journey [Hardcover] by Philip Gibbs £2.99 540g
Exploring Scotlands Heritage - The Clyde Estuary And Central Region Please ask 510g
Extending the Hand of Fellowship: Relation of the Western Buddhist Order to the Rest of the Buddhist World by Bikshu Sangharakshita £1.00 110g
Faith and Credit: World Bank's Secular Empire by Susan George and Fabrizio Sabelli Please ask 220g
Fall Of Constantinople by Edward Gibbon Please ask 20g
Feel the Fear ..... and Beyond - Dynamic Techniques for Doing it Anyway by Susan Jeffers £0.99 270g
Feng Shui by Kirsten Lagatree £2.50 260g
Feng Shui In Your Garden by Roni Jay £1.99 320g
Fibrenetics: A Fresh Start For Life by Gilly Smith Please ask 150g
Fine Property Sep 1984 Please ask 190g
Five Lives by Frank Pakenham, Earl Of Longford Please ask 470g
Fondue And Casserole Cookery by Maggie Black £1.99 310g
Food Irradiation: The Myth And The Reality by Tony Webb, Tim Lang Please ask 260g
Football My Arse by Ricky Tomlinson £1.50 360g
Ford Anglia 105E £2.50 530g
Forest 1865-1978 by John Lawson Please ask 150g
Frankincense & Myrrh by Martin Watt & Wanda Sellar £2.50 170g
Free At Last!: Diaries 1990-2001 [Illustrated] [Hardcover] by Tony Benn Please ask 1120g
French Grammar Self Taught £5.00 150g
From Formula To Calculus Please ask 130g
Garden Railways by R E Tustin Please ask 310g
Gardening Encyclopedia - Spring Books Please ask 440g
Gardens of the Imagination by Sophie Biriotti and Peter Malone £3.99 770g
Genesis Unveiled: The Lost Wisdom Of Our Forgotten Ancestors by Ian Lawton Please ask 840g
Geographia New Road Map Of 50 Miles About Salisbury £0.50 110g
Geography Of Britain by Alice Rosalind Tolson, Mary Elizabeth Johnstone Please ask 740g
George Herbert Booklet Please ask 20g
George Stubbs - Art, Animals & Anatomy by Constance-Anne Parker £1.00 210g
German For Beginners Please ask 160g
Get a Life: Setting Your Life Compass for Success £0.99 293g
Give Me Ten Seconds by John Sergeant Please ask 610g
Glass by E Barrington Haynes Please ask 180g
Glyn Hughes' Yorkshire: Millstone Grit Revisited by Glyn Hughes Please ask 610g
Good Housekeeping Cookery Book Please ask 350g
Grail Quest In The Vales Of Avalon by Chris Trwoga £5.50 290g
Great English Painters - Francis Downman, by Grant Richards Please ask 550g
Great Morning by Osbert Sitwell Please ask 610g
Great Pyramid Of Egypt Mosaic System Chronology £5.50 60g
Great True Adventures In Ice And Snow by John Bristow, Hinton Anthony Please ask 430g
Greek Art (World Of Art) by John Boardman £5.00 470g
Gunner Milligan 954024 by Spike Milligan Please ask 30g
H2O by Anna Selby £2.99 530g
Half A Century Of Yorkshire Cricket by Derrick Boothroyd £2.50 520g
Hall-Marks On Gold And Silver Wares. by The Worshipful Company Of Goldsmiths Please ask 40g
Hamlyn Leisure Atlas - West Country (HB)(1st Edition 1981) £2.50 710g
Happier Days by Sir Ernest Benn Please ask 410g
Haynes Workshop Manual. Datsun Cherry 1971-1976. Models 100A And 120A, 988cc, 1171cc Please ask 720g
Haynes Workshop Manual. Ford Cortina MkII 1966-1970. All Models Except Lotus, 1300cc, 1500cc, 1600cc Please ask 830g
Haynes Workshop Manual. Mini 1969-1981. All Models 848cc, 998cc, 1098cc, 1275cc Please ask 920g
Haynes Workshop Manual. Vauxhall Viva HA Series 1963-1966. Model 1057cc Please ask 830g
Haynes Workshop Manual. Vauxhall Viva HB Series 1966-1970. All Models 1159cc Please ask 890g
Healing Of The Gods by Peter Lemesurier £5.50 310g
Hearth & Home Reciter by Elizabeth Welbourn Please ask 20g
Herbal Medicine by Vicki Pitman £2.50 210g
Herbal Remedies by Vicki Pitman £2.99 150g
Herbs For A Healthy Lifestyle £2.50 330g
Hermits (Us Paperback) by Peter France £2.75 380g
Hidden Lincolnshire by Adrian Gray, Trevor Yorke Please ask 310g
Hieroglyphic Monad by John Dee £5.50 110g
History Of England By A Partial, Prejudiced & Ignorant Historian by Jane Austen Please ask 20g
History Of England by GM Trevelyan Please ask 1050g
Home Brewed Beers And Stouts Please ask 110g
Homeopathic Guide To Health Please ask 60g
Homeopathy by Peter Adams £1.75 170g
Homeopathy: Natural Medicine For The Whole Person by Peter. Adams Please ask Please ask
How Horatius Held The Bridge Please ask 20g
How Much Do You Know Please ask 260g
How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good by Gillian Riley £0.99 154g
Human Origins by Richard E. Leakey Please ask 30g
I Am Mary Shelley by Barbara Lynne Devlin £1.99 160g
I Remember It Well by Maurice Chevalier Please ask 460g
Idol - Rock Hudson by Jerry Oppenheimer And Jack Vitek Please ask 660g
Illustrated Guide To Divination by Judy Hall Please ask Please ask
Imperial Shah: Mohammed Riza Pahlevi by Gerard De Villiers, J.-P. Wilson Please ask Please ask
In a Chariot Drawn by Lions by Asphodel Long £2.99 220g
In And Around Inverness Please ask 110g
In Moutain Lakeland by A H Griffin Please ask 610g
In Search Of Scotland Please ask 370g
In Search of the Immortals: Discovering the World's Mummy Cultures by Howard Reid £1.99 520g
Indexed Map Of The New Forest, Price 1/3 £0.50 30g
In-Line Skating - All You Need To Know by Phil Perry £1.50 130g
Inside The Real Lakeland by A H Griffin Please ask 640g
Intereurope Workshop Manual. Ford Cortina MkIII 1970-1976. 1300cc, 1600cc OHV, 1600cc, 2000cc Ohc Please ask 610g
Intereurope Workshop Manual. Vauxhall Viva HB/HC, Firenza, Magnum, From 1966, 1100cc, 1250cc, 1600cc, 1800cc, 2000cc, 2300cc Please ask 560g
Interiors June 1982 Please ask 690g
It Makes Me Angry (Topic Books) £1.99 110g
J L Carr Booklet Please ask 20g
James Elroy Flecker Booklet Please ask 20g
Jealousy by Nancy Friday £1.99 860g
Joan Hassall's Picture Book (J L Carr Pocket Book) by J L. Carr Please ask 30g
John Aubrey Booklet Please ask 20g
John Buchanan (Hardback) by Janet Adam Smith Please ask Please ask
John Donne Booklet Please ask 20g
John Dryden Booklet Please ask 20g
John Keats Booklet Please ask 20g
John Major: The Autobiography [Paperback] by John Major £1.50 620g
John Milton Booklet Please ask 20g
John Ruskin Booklet Please ask 30g
Jonathan Cainer's Guide To The Zodiac (Signed copy) Please ask 510g
Joy Of Sex: Gourmet Guide To Lovemaking by Alex Comfort Please ask 180g
Judgement Of The Dead by E.A. Wallis-Budge £5.50 70g
Just Quit ! Giving Up Smoking the Holistic Way By Belinda Grant Viagas £0.99 249g
Karmic Tarot: A Profound System For Finding And Following Your Life's Path by William C Lammey Please ask 680g
Kicked Into Touch [Paperback] by Fred Eyre £2.00 290g
Kobbe's Complete Opera Book, Edited & Revised by The Earl Of Harwood Please ask 1430g
Lancashire County Handbook Please ask 340g
Last Train From Berlin Please ask 280g
Letters To Eva 1969-83 by AJP Taylor Please ask 810g
Letters To Louise, by Louise L Hay £1.50 150g
Lifelight by Penny Stanway £2.75 510g
Lives Of Three Renaissance Artists by Giorgio Vasari Please ask 40g
Lochaber Argyll & Bute Directory '87 Please ask 260g
Love Magic by Sally Morningstar £2.50 430g
Love Magic: Ways to Enhance Your Love Life and Friendships Using the Powers of Magic & Nature by Antonia Beattie £2.99 420g
Magical Tales: The Story-Telling Tradition by R.J. Stewart Please ask 280g
Magnetism And Electricity by Poyser Please ask 380g
Making & Decorating Fantastic Frames (HB) £5.00 710g
Making A Water Colour, by George Pearse Ennis [Hardcover] £2.99 630g
Manchester A-Z Edition 4 Please ask 260g
Marina And Lee: Biography Of Marina And Lee Harvey Oswald by Priscilla Johnson McMillan £2.99 1020g
Marketing Research [Paperback] by Joseph Seibert And Gordon Wills £9.50 280g
Mars And Venus In Love: Inspiring and Heartfelt Stories of Relationships That Work by John Gray and Gray £2.99 340g
Master Musicians by J Cuthbert Hadden Please ask 550g
Mathematician's Delight [Unknown Binding] by W W Sawyer £3.50 170g
Mathematics In Management. [Unknown Binding] by Albert Battersby £2.50 190g
Maxwell, The Final Verdict by Tom Bower Please ask 860g
Mazzini [Hardcover] by Bolton King £12.50 510g
Meditation by Jose Lorenzo - Fuentes (Llewellyn) £7.99 220g
Meditations (Penguin 60s) by Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius, Robin Waterfield and M. Staniforth Please ask 50g
Meditations for Your Pregnancy: From Conception to Birth and Beyond by Pippa Duncan and Sheila Lavery £2.50 410g
Michael Redgrave: My Father by Corin Redgrave £1.99 510g
Michelin Motoring Atlas Great Britain And Ireland Please ask 630g
Mindscaping: Design your future by Stephanie Churchill £2.50 480g
Modern Combat Aircraft Please ask 720g
Modern French Literature 1870 - 1940 Please ask 280g
Monarchy: Behind The Scenes With The Royal Family by Brian Hoey £2.50 440g
Monkey's Tale: Based on the Epic Adventures of Raama and Seeta (Storyteller Tales) by Peter Bonnici and Dean John Kendrick Please ask 260g
More Infamous Crimes That Shocked The World by Anon. Please ask 1970g
Motherprayer: The Pregnant Woman's Spiritual Companion by Tikva Frymer-Kensky £2.99 240g
Mountaineering by T.A.H Peacocke Please ask 310g
Mountains by John Cleare Please ask 960g
Murder And Mayhem In Old Priest Town by Jake Jackson £3.00 70g
Murder at the Races by Peter Haining Please ask 810g
Murdoch by William Shawcross Please ask 490g
Music In Art - Abbey Library Please ask 490g
My Life And Loves [Unknown Binding] by Frank Harris Please ask 1530g
My Story by Uri Geller £1.99 520g
My Thousand And One Days: An Autobiography by Farah, Shabanou of Iran £2.50 370g
Mysteries Of Lost Empires by Marshall Jon Fisher And David E Fisher Please ask 720g
Mystic Grail: The Challenge of the Arthurian Quest by John Matthews £2.50 210g
Natural Aphrodisiacs by Fiona Marshall ( £2.50 210g
Natural Healing by Chrissie Wildwood £2.99 230g
Natural Landscapes Of The Dundas Valley Please ask 640g
New Forest Forestry Commission Guide by Various (Paperback - 1951) £1.99 170g
Nissan Sunny Datsun Please ask 890g
No, Prime Minister! [Hardcover] by Teresa Gorman Please ask 730g
Normandy Nobodies by Geoff Boel £2.50 340g
Northern Mythology by Friedrich Kauffmann £6.50 190g
Nurturing Your Child with Music: Creating Happy, Smart and Confident Children by John M. Ortiz £2.50 310g
Occultists and Mystics of All Ages by Ralph Shirley £2.99 260g
Of Marriage & Single Life by Francis Bacon Please ask 20g
Oil Painting - A Doust Colour Sketch Book Please ask 280g
Ordnance Survey Road Atlas Of Great Britain £0.50 1270g
Palm Court Private Hotel Scarborough Booklet Please ask 30g
Paris Today: With A Gazetteer Of Places Of Interest And Entertainment by Eric Whelpton (Hardcover - 1951) £1.50 430g
Patchwork And Quilting - A Step By Step Guide (HB) £5.00 810g
Percussive Well-being: The Healing Drum by Chris Burrows £3.25 110g
Peter Dominic's Practical Cocktails by John Doxat Please ask 340g
Physics (Key Facts S) by B P Brindle £0.99 160g
Picasso: Sculptor/Painter A Brief Guide Please ask 390g
Picture Panorama Of World Building Please ask 840g
Pitman's Manual Of Commercial English (Without Answers) Including Composition And Precise Writing £4.99 320g
Plague And Fire, London 1665-66 Please ask 440g
Police Camera Action Please ask 610g
Poor Man's Guide To The Revolt Of 1381 Please ask 20g
Popol Vuh: vol 2: The Sacred Book of the Maya by Allen J. Christenson Please ask 530g
Practical Information For All Please ask 240g
Practical Spirituality [Paperback] by Steve Hounsome Please ask 310g
Public Finance (Mod. Econ. Rdgs.) by R W Houghton £2.50 240g
Queen Elizabeth by Lady Cynthia Asquith £1.50 420g
Quest For Greatness: A Celebration of Lammtarra And the Racing Season by Laura Thompson Please ask 520g
Quest For Justice: Towards Homosexual Emancipation by Antony Grey Please ask 460g
Radiation Regulo-Controlled Cookery Book Please ask 570g
Ram Chander's Story (Penguin 60s) by Mark Tully Please ask 30g
Reader's Digest Pocket Guide To Herbs Please ask 70g
Reader's Digest Yesterday's Britain (HB)(1st Edition 1998) £2.50 1550g
Real Life Problems And Their Solutions Please ask 240g
Rediscovering Real Medicine: The New Horizons Of Homeopathy by Jean Elmiger £1.00 460g
Reflected Glory by Carney Lake £0.99 180g
Return of the Great Goddess by Burleigh Muten £1.75 310g
Ring Of Bright Water by Gavin Maxwell Please ask 140g
Robert Louis Stevenson Booklet Please ask 20g
Robert Louis Stevenson by Paul Binding £2.50 430g
Rocks And Minerals Please ask 150g
Routledges French English & English French Dictionary £1.50 320g
Sacred Smoke £2.50 40g
Samantha's Oraqle: A Magical Fortune-teller for Teenage Witches by Samantha Hardie £1.99 510g
Santeria: The Religion (World Religion & Magic) [Paperback] by Charles Wetli Please ask Please ask
Secrets Of Successful Gardening Please ask 240g
Shaftesbury A Biography Of The 7th Earl 1801-1885 (Paperback) by Georgina Battescombe Please ask Please ask
Simple Home Remedies by Anne McIntyre £2.50 330g
Simply Cadbury's Chocolate Please ask 860g
Sir John Vanbrugh by Kerry Downes Please ask Please ask
Sir Winston Churchill - A Memorial by Frederick Towers Please ask 370g
Six Wives Of Henry VIII by Paul Rival Please ask 510g
Slow Trains to Simla (Penguin 60s) by Paul Theroux Please ask 30g
Soul On Fire: A Guide To The Journey Beyond Anxiety by S C Papenfus Ph.D £2.50 380g
Squash Rackets (Know The Game) by Squash Rackets Association £2.00 110g
Stitch By Stitch Please ask 1830g
Strange Tales Of The North Country by C T Oxley Please ask 110g
Successful Gardening - Colour Round The Year (HB) £2.50 970g
Successful Gardening - The Practical Gardner (HB) £2.50 1030g
Sundancing at Rosebud and Pine Ridge by Thomas E. Mails £4.75 1330g
Talking To Animals by Barbara Woodhouse Please ask 170g
Tarotmania by Jan Woudhuysen £1.50 140g
Textiles (It Happened Round Manchester) by W.T. Cowhig Please ask 180g
The Age Of Elegance by Arthur Bryant Please ask 650g
The American Civil War Vol 01 Brother Against Brother £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 02 First Blood £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 03 The Blockade £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 04 The Road To Shiloh £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 05 Forward To Richmond £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 06 Decoying The Yanks £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 07 Confederate Ordeal £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 08 Lee Takes Command £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 09 The Coastal War £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 10 Tenting Tonight £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 11 The Bloodiest Day £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 12 War On The Mississippi £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 13 Rebels Resurgent £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 14 Twenty Million Yankees £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 15 Gettysburg £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 16 The Struggle For Tennessee £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 17 The Fight For Chattanooga £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 18 Spies Scouts And Raiders £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 19 The Battles For Atlanta £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 20 The Killing Ground £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 21 Shermans March £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 22 Death In The Trenches £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 23 War On The Frontier £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 24 The Shenandoah In Flames £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 25 Pursuit Of Appomattox £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 26 The Assassination £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 27 The Nation Reunited £2.50 910g
The American Civil War Vol 28 Master Index £2.50 910g
The Ascent of Man by Jacob Bronowski Please ask 1340g
The Astrology Of I Ching (Arkana) by W.A. Sherrill; W.K. Chu £2.50 320g
The Best Man's Duties by Vernon Heaton Please ask 110g
The Best Of James Herriot: Favourite Memories Of A Country Vet by James Herriot £4.99 1550g
The Biology of Success by Robert Burns Arnot £2.00 360g
The Blood Eagle And Other Mystery Tales by Pa Emerson Please ask 420g
The Bolter: Idina Sackville - The Woman Who Scandalised 1920s Society and Became White Mischief's Infamous Seductress by Frances Osborne £0.99 310g
The Book Of Answers by Ptomely Tompkins £2.99 310g
The Book Of Enoch The Prophet [Paperback] by R.H. Charles £10.00 150g
The Buddhist Directory: To Enlighten The Unenlightened by Peter Loire £2.99 490g
The Cap Or The Price Of A Life by Roman Frister Please ask 330g
The Circle Is Sacred: Medicine Book For Women by Scout Cloud Lee £3.25 610g
The Coming Of The Chip by Anthony Hyman Please ask 110g
The Complete Amateur Photographer by Dick Boer Please ask 630g
The Complete Bloody History of Britain Omnibus by John Farman Please ask 650g
The Complete Book Of Fortune Please ask 730g
The Complete Breast Book by June Engel £2.99 350g
The Country Book Of Herbs & Spices (HB) £5.00 850g
The Countryside Companion Please ask 970g
The Crime Busters [Hardcover] by Angus Hall £2.50 810g
The Curious Traveller Lancaster To Lakeland £5.00 460g
The Cyclists Touring Maps And Gazetter - Complete Touring Maps Of The British Isles Please ask 450g
The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence by Carl Sagan £5.00 210g
The Fitness Leader's Handbook by Garry Egger, Nigel Champion, Allan Bolton Please ask Please ask
The Flight of the Kingfisher: Journey Among the Kukatja Aborigines by Monica Furlong £1.75 150g
The Four Gospels Please ask 160g
The Future Just Happened by Michael Lewis £2.50 410g
The Game Of Chess (Penguin Handbooks Series) £0.99 160g
The Great Didactic of John Amos Comenius by M. W. Keatinge Please ask 310g
The Great Seige Malta 1565 (Hardback) by Ernle Bradford Please ask Please ask
The Healing of the Gods: Magic of Symbols and the Practice of Theotherapy by Peter Lemesurier Please ask Please ask
The Heart Must Break: Burma - Democracy And Truth by James Mawdsley Please ask 760g
The Hills Is Lonely by Lillian Beckwith Please ask 450g
The Home Counsellor by Unknown Please ask 240g
The Home Life Of Wild Birds by Herrick Please ask 1240g
The Imperial Shah (Hardback) by Gerard De Villiers Please ask 680g
The Journals Of Woodrow Wyatt: V. 2 by Woodrow Wyatt, Sarah Curtis Please ask 1120g
The Joyous Cosmology by Alan Watts Please ask 190g
The Kama Sutra (Hardback) by Richard Burton £5.00 470g
The Lake District And The National Trust by Bruce Thompson Please ask 510g
The Last Enemy by Richard Hillary Please ask 270g
The Lens of Perception by Hal Zina Bennett £2.50 280g
The Life Of John Dee [Paperback] by Thomas Smith, W.A. Ayton Please ask 230g
The Long Affair: Thomas Jefferson and the French Revolution, 1785-1800 by Conor O'Brien Please ask 640g
The Long Week-End A Social History Of Great Britain 1918-1939 by Robert Graves, Alan Hodge Please ask 510g
The Lost Tomb of Viracocha: Unlocking the Secrets of the Peruvian Pyramids by Maurice Cotterell £5.50 460g
The Loud Halo by Lillian Beckwith Please ask 450g
The Magickal Business by David Benyacott Please ask 410g
The Making Of Pride And Prejudice by Sue Birtwistle and Susie Conklin Please ask 390g
The Marvels And Mysteries Of Science by Ellison Hawks Please ask 1180g
The Maya (Sacred Symbols) by Mark Lehner Please ask Please ask
The Menopause Sourcebook by Gretchen Henkel Please ask 440g
The Mind's Sky: Human Intelligence in a Cosmic Context by Timothy Ferris £2.99 380g
The Modern Encyclopedia Please ask 1280g
The Moon and Flowers: Woman's Path to Enlightenment by Kalyanavaca £2.75 480g
The Mythic Path by David Feinstein £3.50 580g
The Natural History Of Selborne by Gilbert White Please ask 1010g
The New Penguin Guide To The Law: Your Rights And The Law Explained £10.00 930g
The Number 666 by W Wynn Westcott £2.75 30g
The Nurture House Plant Guide £2.50 150g
The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary £0.50 320g
The Open Road by E. V. Lucas Please ask 280g
The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light by Barbara Hand Clow Please ask 470g
The Politics Of The Real World by The Real World Coalition Please ask 180g
The Practical Handyman £2.50 240g
The Practical Home Doctor £2.50 240g
The Practical Way To Keep Fit £2.50 230g
The Practical Woodworker The Art & Practice Of Woodworking Vol 3 by Bernard B Jones Please ask 1170g
The Prince And Princess Of Wales Wedding Day £2.50 230g
The Quest For Arthur's Britain [Paperback] by Geoffrey (Ed) Ashe Please ask 420g
The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich: A History Of Nazi Germany [Hardcover] Please ask 1270g
The Rothschilds [Hardcover] £5.50 460g
The Scottish Countryside In Pictures by Fraser and MacGregor, Alasdair Darling Please ask 460g
The Sea For Breakfast by Lillian Beckwith Please ask 430g
The Seduction Of Hillary Rodham (Hardback) by David Brock £2.50 850g
The Seventeenth Book Of The Times Crosswords Please ask 110g
The Shell Country Book Please ask 570g
The Shilling Guides Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Geoffrey, Edited By Boumphrey (Paperback - 1963) £1.50 100g
The Sirius Connection: Unlocking The Secrets Of Ancient Egypt by Murry Hope Please ask 610g
The Six Wives Of Henry Viii by Paul Rival (HB)(1971 Edition) £2.50 510g
The Slim Gourmet [Hardcover] by Martin Lederman £3.50 290g
The Smith of Smiths: Being the Life, Wit and Humour of Sydney Smith by Hesketh Pearson Please ask 20g
The Sound of the Earth: A Man's Mid-Life Passage and Spiritual Awakening by Hart Sprager £2.50 380g
The Stairway To Heaven: The Second Book Of The Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin £3.99 170g
The Story Of The Pharoahs by James Baikie Please ask 870g
The Summer Of A Dormouse by John Mortimer Please ask 180g
The Tale Of Beatrix Potter by Margaret Lane Please ask 190g
The Tapestry Book by Jill Gordon, Hardback £5.00 1240g
The Tarot Of The Orishas [Paperback] by Durkon Zolrak Please ask 520g
The Technology Of Woodwork And Metalwork Please ask 660g
The Trapp Family On Wheels by Maria Von Trapp Please ask 110g
The Trial Of Charles I Please ask 160g
The Twentieth Century by Rosemary Lambert, Cambridge Introduction To The History Of Art Please ask 230g
The Visionary Human: Mystical Consciousness and Paranormal Perspectives by Nevill Drury £1.99 190g
The Wonderful Story Of The Human Body Please ask 240g
The Years Of Promise (Hardback) by Cecil Roberts £2.50 650g
Third Millenium - The Challenge And The Vision by Ervin Laszlo £2.50 210g
Thomas Beecham, An Independent Biography by Charles Reid Please ask 360g
Thomas Berwick, Wood Engraver Booklet Please ask 20g
Thomas Hardy Booklet Please ask 20g
Thoreau On Man & Nature by Henry David Thoreau £2.50 140g
Thresholds of Peace: Defiance and Change Among German Prisoners-of-war in Britain 1944-1948 by Matthew Barry Sullivan Please ask 670g
Time-Life Books The Art Of Woodworking - Advanced Routing (1995) £5.00 710g
Time-Life Books The Art Of Woodworking - Building Chairs (1994) £5.00 700g
Time-Life Books The Art Of Woodworking - Cabinet Making (1992) £5.00 710g
Time-Life Books The Art Of Woodworking - Classic American Furniture (1995) £5.00 700g
Time-Life Books The Art Of Woodworking - Encyclopedia Of Wood (1993) £5.00 710g
Time-Life Books The Art Of Woodworking - Routing & Shaping (1993) £5.00 710g
Time-Life Books The Art Of Woodworking - Shaker Furniture (1995) £5.00 690g
Time-Life Books The Art Of Woodworking - Shop-Made Jigs And Fixtures (1995) £5.00 710g
Time-Life Books The Art Of Woodworking - Wood Finishing (1992) £5.00 700g
Time-Life Books The Art Of Woodworking - Wooden Toys & Crafts (1994) £5.00 710g
Time-Life Library Of Art - The World Of Brugel (1973) £2.50 975g
Time-Life Library Of Art - The World Of Cezanne (1975) £2.50 975g
Time-Life Library Of Art - The World Of Delacroix (1972) £2.50 975g
Time-Life Library Of Art - The World Of Gainsborough (1974) £2.50 975g
Time-Life Library Of Art - The World Of Goya (1973) £2.50 975g
Time-Life Library Of Art - The World Of Leonardo (1972) £2.50 975g
Time-Life Library Of Art - The World Of Manet (1975) £2.50 975g
Time-Life Library Of Art - The World Of Michelangelo (1973) £2.50 975g
Time-Life Library Of Art - The World Of Picasso (1974) £2.50 975g
Time-Life Library Of Art - The World Of Rembrant (1972) £2.50 975g
Time-Life Library Of Art - The World Of Van Gogh (1973) £2.50 975g
Together by Nicole And Natalie Appleton Please ask 660g
Tom Hanks: A Career in Orbit by David Quinlan Please ask 410g
Traditional Greek Cooking by George Uyras, G Giannakopoulu Please ask 550g
Tramping Holidays In Scotland by Tom S. Hall Please ask 260g
Trekking In The Himalaya [Hardcover] by Hashmat Singh Please ask 810g
Trigger In Europe by William Holt Please ask 140g
Tutankhamen. [Paperback] by Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt £0.99 320g
Twilight Goddess: Spiritual Feminism and Feminine Spirituality by Thomas Cleary and Sartaz Aziz £2.99 630g
Understanding The Universe by Phillip Flower Please ask 1790g
Universe by William J. Kaufmann Please ask Please ask
Victorian Flowers Please ask 850g
Village Year by R.G. Shepherd Please ask 210g
Virginia Woolf (Hardback) by James King Please ask 1320g
War Through The Ages Please ask 1270g
We Live And Learn by Collie Knox Please ask 290g
Well Being For Women by Stella Weller £2.99 510g
When Saturday Comes Special No 3 Late Tackle Please ask 330g
William Barnes Booklet Please ask 20g
William Blake Booklet Please ask 20g
William Cobbett Booklet Please ask 20g
William Cowper Booklet Please ask 20g
William Wordsworth Booklet Please ask 20g
Women On Top by Nancy Friday £0.99 240g
Women On Top by Nancy Friday Please ask 590g
Women's health begins with the moon by Harvest McCampbell. £2.50 40g
Yesterday's Britain: The Illustrated Story Of How We Lived, Worked And Played... £2.50 1550g