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Antiquarian and Collectable (Top of Page)

Title / Author Price Weight
A Laodicean, Wessex Novels Vol XI by Thomas Hardy Please ask 210g
Alfred Tennyson (Poems) Please ask 20g
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll (Great Writers Library) £2.99 310g
Castle Dor by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch,Daphne Du Maurier Please ask 410g
Chekhov - Ivanov, The Seagull, Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov Please ask 210g
Chicot The Jester by Alexander Dumas Please ask 260g
Christmas Books by Charles Dickens Please ask 460g
Collected Short Stories: Volume 1 by William Somerset Maugham £0.99 310g
Collected Short Stories: Volume 2 by William Somerset Maugham £0.99 310g
Collected Short Stories: Volume 4 by William Somerset Maugham £0.99 320g
Dead Romance (New Adventures) by Lawrence Miles £7.99 170g
Doctor Who A History Of The Universe by Lance Parkin Please ask 290g
Doctor Who And The Android Invasion by Terrance Dicks Please ask Please ask
Doctor Who And The Armageddon Factor by Terrance Dicks £1.99 80g
Doctor Who And The Carnival Of Monsters (Doctor Who Library, No 8) by Terrance Dicks £1.50 80g
Doctor Who And The Cave Monsters by Malcolm Hulke; Chris Achilleos £1.50 110g
Doctor Who And The Claws Of Axos by Terrance Dicks Please ask Please ask
Doctor Who And The Day Of The Daleks by Terrance Dicks £1.99 80g
Doctor Who And The Deadly Assassin by Terrance Dicks Please ask Please ask
Doctor Who And The Destiny Of The Daleks (A Target Book) by Terrance Dicks £1.99 80g
Doctor Who And The Green Death (The Doctor Who Library) by Malcolm Hulke £1.50 80g
Doctor Who And The Horns Of Nimon by Terrance Dicks £1.50 70g
Doctor Who And The Invasion Of The Dinosaurs by Malcolm Hulke £1.50 110g
Doctor Who And The Invisible Enemy by Terrance Dicks Please ask 70g
Doctor Who And The Mutants (The Doctor Who Library) by Terrance Dicks £1.99 80g
Doctor Who And The Revenge Of The Cybermen by Terrance Dicks £1.99 80g
Doctor Who And The Ribos Operation by Ian Marter £1.99 90g
Doctor Who And The Robots Of Death (Target Doctor Who Library, No 53) by Terrance Dicks Please ask Please ask
Doctor Who And The Sontaran Experiment by Ian Marter £1.50 80g
Doctor Who And The Space War by Malcolm Hulke £1.50 90g
Doctor Who And The State Of Decay by Terrance Dicks £1.99 80g
Doctor Who And The Time Warrior (Doctor Who Library, No 65) by Terrance Dicks £1.99 90g
Doctor Who And The Underworld by Terrance Dicks £1.99 80g
Doctor Who And The Visitation (Target Doctor Who Library, No 69) by Eric Saward £1.99 80g
Doctor Who Frontios (Dr Who Library, No 91) by Christopher H. Bidmead £1.99 90g
Doctor Who Meglos (A Target Book) by Terrance Dicks £1.99 80g
Doctor Who Programme Guide Volume 2 by Jean-Marc Lofficier £2.99 70g
Doctor Who The Giant Robot by Terrance Dicks £1.99 90g
Doctor Who The Invasion (Doctor Who Library, No 98) £0.99 110g
Doctor Who The Mark Of Mandragora (A Doctor Who Graphic Novel) Please ask 390g
Doctor Who The Three Doctors by Terrance Dicks £1.50 110g
Doctor Who The Two Doctors (Doctor Who Library) by Robert Holmes £0.99 110g
Doctor Who Warriors Of The Deep (Doctor Who, Vol. 87) by Terrance Dicks £1.50 80g
Doctor Who: Asylum by Peter Darvill-Evans £2.50 150g
Doctor Who: Bunker Soldiers by Martin Day £1.50 170g
Doctor Who: Camera Obscura by Lloyd Rose £6.50 170g
Doctor Who: Crooked World by Steve Lyons £3.50 150g
Doctor Who: Eater Of Wasps by Trevor Baxendale £2.50 160g
Doctor Who: Heritage by Dale Smith £2.99 160g
Doctor Who: Palace Of The Red Sun by Christopher Bulis £2.50 170g
Doctor Who: Quantum Archangel by Craig Hinton £5.50 170g
Doctor Who: Superior Beings by Nick Walters £2.50 170g
Doctor Who: The Ancestor Cell by Peter Anghelides, Stephen Cole £2.99 160g
Doctor Who: The Dalek Conquests [Audiobook] Please ask 110g
Doctor Who: Time Zero by Justin Richards £6.99 170g
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson £5.00 230g
Great Short Stories Of The English Speaking World Volume One [Hardcover] £5.50 890g
Great Short Stories Of The English Speaking World Volume Two [Hardcover] £6.50 890g
Great Short Stories Of The World, by Clark And Lieber [Hardcover] £2.50 1010g
Legacy (New Doctor Who Adventures) by Gary Russell £1.50 170g
Longfellow's Poetical Works (Ward, Lock & Co) Please ask 710g
Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens £5.00 370g
Mary Anne by Daphne Du Maurier £5.00 330g
Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens £5.00 390g
Oblivion (New Adventures) by Dave Stone £2.99 150g
Oxford Book Of English Verse, 1250 - 1918 Please ask 280g
Poems Of R Browning £2.50 550g
Poetical Works Of Rupert Brooke, Edited by Geoffrey Keynes £5.00 350g
Polyeucte by Corneille, Librarie Hachette Please ask 160g
Pride And Prejudice [Leather Bound] by Jane Austen £2.50 410g
Reader's Digest April 1968 £1.00 210g
Reader's Digest August 1968 £1.00 190g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - Jackdaws, The Smoke Jumper, Hostage, On The Street Where You Live Please ask 520g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - Sunflower, The Passing Bells, The Education Of Little Tree, The Mountain Farm by Marilyn Sharp £2.50 580g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - Surface with Daring, I Take Thee, Serenity, The Silence of the North, The Slow Awakening by Daisy Newman, Olive A Fredrickson with Ben East, Catherine March Douglas Reeman £1.50 540g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - Tara Kane, Elephant Bill, The Brendan Voyage, A Stranger Is Watching , The Spuddy by George; J H Williams; Tim Severin; Mary Higgins Clark; Lillian Markstein Beckwith £2.50 510g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - The Bombmaker, Relative Strangers, Final Venture, The Other Side Of The Deal Please ask 520g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - The Bombmaker, Relative Strangers, Final Venture, The Other Side Of The Deal by Stephen Leather, Val Hopkirk, Michael Ridpath and Gervase Phinn £2.50 520g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - The Iron Hotel, Betrayal, Nathan's Run, Alice by Clare Francis, John Gilstrap, Sarah Flanigan, Sam Llewellyn £2.50 510g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - The Pilot, Touch Not The Cat, Vets Might Fly, Harry's Game Please ask 520g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - The Tigris Expedition, The Key To Rebecca, Horowitz And Mrs Washington, Bullet Train, The Last Enemy by Ken Follett, Henry Denker, Joseph Rance and Arei Kato, Richard Hillary and Thor Heyerdahl £1.99 510g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - The Tigris Expedition, The Key To Rebecca, Horowitz And Mrs Washington, Bullet Train, The Last Enemy by Ken Follett, Henry Denker, Joseph Rance and Arei Kato, Richard Hillary and Thor Heyerdahl £1.99 510g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - The Unwanted, The Tide Of Life, Going West With Annabelle, The Boys From Brazil by Molly Douglas Catherine Cookson, Ira Levin Christiaan Barnard And Siegfried Stander £1.50 550g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - The White Lions of Timbavati; Marlin's Keep; the House of Christina & the Melodeon by Chris; Brent, Madeline; Haas, Ben & Swart McBride £2.50 520g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - Wildtrack; Winner; the English Eagles; Trespass by Maureen O'Donoghue,Nigel Slater,Phillip Finch Bernard Cornwell £2.50 510g
Reader's Digest Condensed Books - Tango One; Buried at Sea; Julie and Romeo; Dead Sleep by Stephen; Garrison, Paul; Ray, Jeanne; Iles, Greg Leather £2.50 520g
Reader's Digest Condensed Books - Excellency, Chase the Wind, The Badgers of Summercombe, Overboard by David Beaty, E.V. Thompson, Ewan Clarkson and Hank Searls £2.50 520g
Reader's Digest Condensed Books - In The Frame, Baker's Hawk, Bring on the Empty Horses, Lord of the Far Island, The Hessian by Dick Francis, Jack Bickham, David Niven and Victoria Holt £2.50 540g
Reader's Digest Condensed Books - Second Wind, The Devil's Teardrop, A Peculiar Chemistry, Stinger by Dick Francis, Jeffery Deaver, Kitty Ray and John Nichol £2.50 520g
Reader's Digest Condensed Books - Storm island by Ken Follet, Does She Know She's There?, The Storrington Papers by Dorothy Eden, Flight to Landfall by G M Glaskin £2.50 510g
Reader's Digest Condensed Books - The Pride Of The Peacock. The Devil's Alternative. Friends And Friendly Beasts. Earthsound by Victoria Holt £2.50 510g
Reader's Digest Condensed Books - Thunder at Dawn, Tisha, The Long Long Dances, The R Document by Anne Hobbs with Robert Specht, Eric Malpass, Irving Wallace Alan Evans £2.50 520g
Reader's Digest Condensed Books - Yanks, The Capricorn Stone, The Massacre At Fall Creek, Whip Hand by Christine Sparks, Madeleine Brent, Jessamyn West, Dick Francis £2.50 510g
Reader's Digest December 1967 £1.00 210g
Reader's Digest February 1968 £1.00 190g
Reader's Digest January 1968 £1.00 180g
Reader's Digest July 1968 £1.00 110g
Reader's Digest June 1968 £1.00 190g
Reader's Digest March 1968 £1.00 190g
Reader's Digest May 1968 £1.00 210g
Reader's Digest September 1968 £1.00 210g
Redgauntlet - Hardback by Sir Walter Scott 1874 £5.00 410g
Robert Burns Poems Selected And Edited by William Beattie And Henry W Meikle £5.00 170g
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe £10.00 610g
Rupert The Bear - The Daily Express Annual 1974 (HB) (Marked) £2.50 370g
Rupert The Bear - The Daily Express Annual 1975 (HB) £2.50 370g
Sonnets by Master William Shakespeare, Poet Please ask 20g
Tale From Shakespeare A second selection edited by J. H. Flather by Charles Lamb, James Henry Flather and Mary Ann Lamb Please ask 190g
Tales From Shakespeare by A E Jackson Please ask 710g
The Complete Plays Of Bernard Shaw by George Bernard Shaw Please ask 1610g
The Complete Shakespeare by William Shakespeare Please ask 1110g
The Complete Works Of Shakespeare by William Shakespeare £3.50 1170g
The Fur Country - Jules Verne (circa 1888) £5.00 530g
The Great Writers Library [Hardcover] by D.H Lawrence Please ask Please ask
The Great Writers Library [Hardcover] by Katherine Mansfield Please ask Please ask
The Great Writers Library by Edgar Allan Poe Please ask Please ask
The London Mystery Magazine - 1950 Please ask 180g
The Oxford Book Of Modern Verse (1936) £5.00 560g
The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens £5.00 360g
The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (The Great Writers Library) £2.50 310g
The Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan Please ask 20g
The Pit (New Doctor Who Adventures) by Neil Penswick £1.50 170g
The Poems Of Alfred Lord Tennyson £2.50 360g
The Romantic Poets: An Anthology (The Great Writers Library) [Hardcover] £2.50 350g
The Talisman - Hardback by Sir Walter Scott 1874 £5.00 300g
The Works Of W. Somerset Maugham - Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham Please ask 560g
The Young Fur Traders by Robert Michael Ballantyne (1896) £5.00 650g
Thirty Poems by Robert Browning [Hardcover] by W S Mackie £5.00 180g
Tom Brown's Schooldays by Thomas Hughes, 6th Edition 1921 £3.50 430g
Twenty Poems by Rupert Brooke Please ask 50g
Wordsworth's Poetical Works £15.00 680g
Wuthering Heights [Hardcover] by Emily Bronte £1.99 410g
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte £1.50 170g


Children's (Top of Page)

Title / Author Price Weight
A Star For Starlight by Gladys Lister £1.99 270g
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll (Great Writers Library) £2.99 310g
Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism by Georgia Byng £1.99 260g
Number Seven Brick Row by W Riley Please ask 260g
Scarlet Feather by Maeve Binchy £1.99 350g
Some Kind Of Wonderful by David Bischoff £0.99 110g
Sweet Clarinet by James Riordan Please ask 230g
That Bad Man by Wickham Steed Please ask 270g
The Country Mouse by Abraham Cowley Please ask 20g
The Crew Of The Anaconda [Paperback] by AG Macdonell £1.99 160g
The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper Please ask 190g
The Fearless Treasure by Noel Streatfield Please ask 490g
The golden cobbler, and other stories! by Gladys Davidson (Easy to read story books series-no.3) £2.50 260g
The Iron Woman by Ted Hughes; Barry Moser £2.50 320g
The Midnight Fox by Betsy Byars Please ask 110g
The Ring Of Rebellion by W. G. Rigby £4.50 210g
The Ring Of Tima by W. G. Rigby £2.99 210g
The Taming Of Teresa by Margaret Cecile Field Please ask 540g
The Twilight Of The Dawn by Elizabeth Nell Dubus £0.99 260g
Tom Brown's Schooldays by Thomas Hughes, 6th Edition 1921 £3.50 430g


Others (Top of Page)

Title / Author Price Weight
1914-18 In Poetry £2.50 210g
65 Great Spine Chillers [Hardcover] by Mary (Ed.) Danby £2.50 960g
65 Great Tales Of The Supernatural, Edited By Mary Danby £3.50 1010g
A Falcon Flies - The Dark Of The Sun - The Sunbird (Hardback) by Wilbur Smith £2.50 1180g
A Family Madness by Thomas Keneally £1.99 410g
A London Lass by Elizabeth Waite £0.99 180g
A Parliamentary Affair by Edwina Currie £2.50 760g
A Perfect Spy (Hardback) by John Le Carre £2.50 890g
A Phoenix Too Frequent by Christopher Fry Please ask 150g
A Taste For Death by P D James Please ask 580g
Abilene: The Cattle Baron (Lythway Large Print Books) by Justin Ladd £2.50 520g
Aimez-vous Brahms £1.99 114g
Airship Nine by Thomas H. Block £0.99 170g
All Things Are Lights by Robert Shea £2.50 220g
Alone Beneath The Heaven [Paperback] by Rita Bradshaw £0.99 240g
An Apple From Eden [Paperback] by Emma Blair £1.99 260g
An Axe to Grind by Robert Wallace £2.50 110g
An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce Please ask 50g
Angels Passing (Hardback) by Graham Hurley £2.50 350g
Ariane, jeune fille russe by Claude Anet (Unknown Binding - 1924) £4.50 169g
Au risque de se perdre. Le Livre De Poche £3.99 269g
Babylon 5: Betrayals by Neal Barrett £0.99 170g
Back To The Vortex: The Unofficial And Unauthorised Guide To Doctor Who 2005 Please ask 730g
Barbe Of Grand Bayou by John Oxenham Please ask 140g
Barrington [Hardcover] by John Rowan Wilson £2.99 490g
Beautiful Just by Lillian Beckwith Please ask 380g
Beggarman's Country by Jan Webster £1.99 540g
Between Pride And Passion by Flora Kidd £0.99 110g
Beyond The Shining Water [Paperback] by Audrey Howard £0.99 220g
Bindle by Herbert Jenkins Please ask 330g
Birds Of Prey (Hardback) by Wilbur Smith £2.50 990g
Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes Please ask 420g
Black Ajax by George Macdonald Fraser £1.99 530g
Blitz Harvest by Peter Leslie Please ask 490g
Body Of Evidence (A Dr. Kay Scarpetta Mystery) [Paperback] by Patricia Cornwell £0.99 220g
Bon Voyage, Mr President by Marquez Please ask 40g
Boy: A Sketch [Hardcover] by Marie Corelli £2.99 640g
Bridge Of Magpies by Geoffrey Jenkins £0.99 140g
British & North American Contemporary Verse £3.50 260g
British Poetry Since 1945 Please ask 280g
Case of the Silent Partner by Erle Stanley Gardner £5.99 120g
Catherine Wheel, The, by Patricia Wentworth (Ulverscroft Large Print Series) Please ask 670g
Chapter House Dune by Frank Herbert £2.50 280g
Cheyp At t'Price, Dialect Verse From Lancashire Life Please ask 160g
Claudine en menage [Paperback] by Willy - Colette £4.50 168g
Climats [Paperback] by Maurois Andre £2.99 159g
Closed Circle [Paperback] by Robert Goddard £1.99 240g
Complete Illustrated Stories, Poems and Plays by Oscar Wilde £1.50 1162g
Contes Choisis by Alphonse Daudet Please ask 280g
Continual Dew, Little Book Of Bourgeois Verse Please ask 280g
Continuum 1: V. 1 by Anne Mccaffrey; Edgar Pangborn; Poul Anderson £0.99 110g
Copycat by Laurie Maerov £0.99 180g
Corps Et Ames by Maxence Van Der Meersch Enchaine A Toi-Meme Please ask 320g
Corps Et Ames by Maxence Van Der Meersch Qu'un Amour T'Emporte Please ask 310g
Cranford (The Great Witers Library) by Elizabeth Gaskell £2.50 310g
Credo by Melvyn Bragg Please ask 1150g
Crown Of Fire by Ed Greenwood (Forgotten Realms: The Harpers) £0.99 210g
Daddy's Little Girl [Paperback] by Mary Higgins Clark £1.50 210g
Daisychain Summer [Paperback] by Elizabeth Elgin £1.99 410g
Dalek Empire 2.4 - Dalek War Chapter Four [Audiobook] Please ask 110g
Danse Macabre (A Futura Book) by Stephen King £0.99 260g
Dark Horse (Hardback) by Tami Hoag £2.50 850g
Darkover Landfall (Arrow Science Fantasy) by Marion Zimmer Bradley £0.99 120g
Darkwell (Tsr Fantasy) by Douglas Niles £0.99 210g
Dead Ringer [Paperback] by John Francome £0.99 210g
Dead Wrong (Consul books - no. 1032) by George Bagby £4.99 110g
Death in a White Tie by Ngaio Marsh £0.99 140g
Death In Berlin by M.M. Kaye £1.99 580g
Departmental Ditties by Rudyard Kipling, The Dominions Edition Please ask 260g
Devils Dictionary by Ambrose Pierce Please ask 20g
Diane De Poitiers by Philippe Erlanger, Le Livre De Poche Please ask 280g
Dinner At Antoine's by Frances Parkinson Keyes (Hardcover - 1949) £0.99 530g
Does It Have To Rhyme by, Sandy Brownjohn Please ask 150g
Dogs In The News by Martyn Lewis Please ask 660g
Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King £0.99 210g
Dream Children: a Reverie / Irish Melodies by Charles, Moore, Tom Lamb Please ask 20g
Dune [Paperback] by Frank Herbert Please ask Please ask
Eagle In The Sky [Paperback] by Wilbur Smith £0.99 210g
Earth Triumphant by Conrad Aiken Please ask 510g
Echo Of Another Time by Audrey Howard £1.99 320g
Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard by Thomas Gray Please ask 20g
Elephant Song [Paperback] by Wilbur Smith £2.50 290g
Enchantment by Linda Grace Hoyer £1.99 390g
Endgame (Superman (Dc Comics)) by Jeph Loeb, Joe Kelly, Stuart Immonen Please ask 270g
Enslaved And Other Poems With Sonnets Please ask 280g
Escape by James Clavell £1.99 330g
Escape, The (Penguin 60s) by Katherine Mansfield Please ask 50g
Eugene Aram: A Tale by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton Please ask 510g
Evelina Everyman's Library No. 352 by Fanny Burney Please ask 410g
Failed Marriage by Carole Mortimer Please ask Please ask
Farscape: Ship Of Ghosts (Book 3) by David Bischoff £3.50 140g
Farscape: The Illustrated Companion [Paperback] by David Hughes, Paul Simpson Please ask 260g
Fast Lanes by Jayne Anne Phillips £0.99 330g
Final Jeopardy (Alexandra Cooper Series) [Paperback] by Linda Fairstein £0.99 230g
First Blood (Hardback) by Claire Rayner £2.50 590g
Flash Gordon: Massacre In The Twenty-Second Century by David Hagberg £2.50 120g
Flight Of Eagles (Hardback) by Jack Higgins £2.50 630g
Fourth Protocol by Frederick Forsyth Please ask Please ask
Free Live Free by Gene Wolfe £0.99 230g
Friends from Philadelphia and Other Stories (Penguin 60s) by John Updike Please ask 50g
Friends In High Places (Hardback) by Lucianne Goldberg, Sondra Till Robinson Please ask 710g
Frostworld And Dreamfire by John Morressy £0.99 120g
Glitz [Paperback] by Louise Bagshawe £0.99 370g
Golden Eyes [Paperback] by John Gideon £0.99 330g
Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith £0.99 210g
Grammaire Unique by R Dalsace £5.00 260g
Hannibal by Thomas Harris £2.50 310g
Hardy To Hughes, Selections From Twelve Poets Of The Twentieth Century Please ask 280g
Harmonium by Wallace Stevens Please ask 370g
Harold by Catherine Cookson £0.99 150g
Havana Bound by Cecil Roberts Please ask 230g
Headlong (Hardback) by Emlyn Williams £2.50 500g
Hercule Poirot's Christmas [Unknown Binding] by Agatha Christie £2.50 120g
Histoires Extraordinaire by Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Baudelaire £2.50 280g
Holiday Girls And Other Poems by Vicki Raymond £5.00 110g
Icon by Frederick Forsyth £2.50 730g
Idols by Stephen Romer Please ask 90g
Inspector Morse The Complete Collection by Colin Dexter (Gift Pack)(New) Please ask 2610g
Invasion 14 [Paperback] by Maxence Van Der Meersch £2.99 330g
Jewels [Hardcover] by Danielle Steel Please ask Please ask
JLA/JSA: Virtue And Vice [Hardcover] by Geoff Johns, David S. Goyer Please ask 450g
John Clare, Northamptonshire Poet by John Clare Please ask 20g
Johnny Bear by Ernest Thompson Seton Please ask 290g
Just Sithabod. Dialect Verse From 'Lancashire Life' by 'Lancashire Life' and Harry Barker Please ask 190g
Justice Is A Woman [Paperback] by Catherine Cookson £0.99 210g
Keep Me Close [Paperback] by Clare Francis £1.99 240g
King Rat (Coronet Books) by James Clavell £1.50 230g
Knights Of The Angel (Distant Soil) by Colleen Doran, Kay Reynolds Please ask 480g
La Chatte (Le Livre de Poche) [Mass Market Paperback] by Colette £1.50 132g
La Mort du Petit Cheval [Paperback] by Herve Bazin £1.50 164g
La possession: roman de L'amour by Raymonde Machard (Unknown Binding - 1927) £4.50 179g
La vie de Chateaubriand. 2e Edition. by Rouff Marcel (Paperback - 1929) £7.99 244g
La Vie de Van Gogh [Hardcover] by Henri Perruchot £2.99 266g
Labours Of Hercules by Agatha Christie Please ask Please ask
L'Adoration by Jacques Borel (Paperback - 1965) £8.50 581g
L'Ame Obscure by Daniel - Rops, Le Livre De Poche Please ask 270g
Lancashire Witches [Facsimile] by William Harrison Ainsworth £0.99 390g
Land Of Enchantment by Janet Dailey £0.99 110g
Lantern For The Dark by Jessica Stirling £0.99 220g
Last Things (Hardback) by C P Snow £2.50 670g
Le diner en ville £6.50 263g
Le Grand Trek (The Turning Wheels) by Cloete Stuart Please ask 430g
Le Mystere Frontenac [Paperback] by Francois Mauriac £5.50 164g
Le Portrait de Dorian Gray (Le Livre de Poche) by Oscar Wilde £1.99 180g
Le Vicomte De Bragelonne by Alexandre Dumas £2.99 392g
Leopard - The Story Of My Horse by Col. Sir Michael Ansell Please ask 370g
Les anges noirs [Unknown Binding] by Francois Mauriac £2.50 159g
Les carnets du major Thompson by Daninos Pierre (Paperback - 1954) £0.99 232g
Les Croix De Bois by Roland Dorgeles Please ask 230g
Les filles de joie [Paperback] by Guy des Cars £4.50 203g
Les fleurs du mal (Le livre de poche) [Unknown Binding] by Charles Baudelaire £1.50 160g
Les hauts de hurle-vent (Wuthering Heights) [Paperback] by Emily Bronte £2.99 283g
Les Thibault by Roger Martin du Gard, Tome III, Le Livre De Poche Please ask 280g
Les Thibault Tome II [Mass Market Paperback] by Roger Gard £7.99 271g
Les Thibault Tome IV by Roger Martin du Gard, Le Livre De Poche Please ask 280g
Les Thibault Tome V by Roger Gard (Mass Market Paperback - 1955) £7.99 271g
Les Trois Mousquetaires by Alexandre Dumas Please ask 440g
Les Villes Romaines De La Vallee Du Rhone by Abbe J & Imbert, L Sautel (Paperback - 1926) £6.50 337g
L'espionne no 1 : La chatte £1.50 139g
Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Mary Higgins Clark £0.99 160g
Let Them Call it Jazz and Other Stories (Penguin 60s) by Jean Rhys Please ask 50g
L'Homme qui a sauve Londres : Agent extraordinary the story of Michel Hollarde by George Martelli. £2.99 274g
Lifeline [Paperback] by John Francome £1.50 210g
L'imperatrice Eugenie et sa cour, avec quatre planches hors-texte tirces £4.50 134g
Little Men (Life At Plumfield With Jo's Boys) by Louisa M Alcott (Us)(HB) Please ask 310g
Little Tales of Misogyny (Penguin 60s S.) by Patricia Highsmith Please ask 50g
London by Edward Rutherfurd £2.50 1210g
Lord Jim The Great Writers Series by Joseph Conrad £2.50 350g
Lord Jim, The Nigger Of The 'Narcissus', Typhoon, Nostromo, The Secret Agent, by Joseph Conrad £1.50 1310g
Lythande by Marion Zimmer Bradley £0.99 140g
Madame Clapain by Edouard Estaunie (Unknown Binding - 1932) £7.50 243g
Madame De Suivi De Julietta by Louise de Vilmorin, Le Livre De Poche Please ask 160g
Madame De Treymes by Edith Wharton Please ask 50g
Mage: Such Pain (World Of Darkness) by Don Bassingthwaite £0.99 190g
Mamista (Hardback) by Len Deighton £2.50 870g
Man Of Two Worlds (Hardback) by Frank and Brian Herbert £2.50 500g
Manners And Movements In Costume Plays [Unknown Binding] by Isabel Chisman Please ask Please ask
Mansion For My Love (Mills & Boon Romance) by Robyn Donald £0.99 110g
Matilda's England (Penguin 60s) by William Trevor Please ask 50g
Maybe The Moon by Armistead Maupin Please ask 620g
Medea by Christa Wolf Please ask Please ask
Memoires D'une Autre Vie by Francis Carco Please ask 210g
Messieurs Les Ronds De Cuir byGeorges Courteline Please ask 140g
Midnight's Liar (Hardback) by Richard Laymon £2.50 490g
Milton In America by Peter Ackroyd Please ask 450g
Misery by Stephen King £0.99 230g
Miss Marple - The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side by Agatha Christie (Fontana 1967) £0.99 120g
Mitla Pass by Leon Uris Please ask 760g
Moby Dick (The Great Writers Library) [Hardcover] by Herman Melville £2.99 510g
Monsoon (Hardback) by Wilbur Smith £2.50 1180g
Moonlight Becomes You by Mary Higgins Clark £1.50 180g
My Theodosia (Coronet Books) by Anya Seton £1.50 180g
Nail Down The Stars [Mass Market Paperback] by John Morressy £0.99 120g
Nana [Paperback] by Emile Zola £3.50 280g
Nanking Road by Vicki Baum Please ask 710g
Nefer The Silent (Stone Of Light) by Christian Jacq Please ask 570g
Nights Of Rain And Stars [Hardcover] by Maeve Binchy £2.50 320g
North of the Future: Selected Poems, 1968-98 by Stephen Parr £3.50 630g
North Star by Hammond Innes Please ask 160g
Nothing Green by Evelyn Doyle Please ask 240g
Omar Khayyam Translated by Edward Fitzgerald Please ask 20g
On The Contrary And Other Poems by Miroslav Holub Please ask 280g
Ormerod's Landing by Leslie Thomas £0.99 150g
Our Game (Hardback) by John Le Carre £2.50 760g
Over The Brazier by Robert Graves Please ask 210g
Peter Grimes by George Crabbe Please ask 20g
Philippine by Maurice Bedel Please ask 210g
Playing With Stars by Sally Stewart £0.99 210g
Pleasant Valley by Louis Bromfield Please ask 430g
Poems - Patriotic, Historical And Otherwise £5.00 170g
Poems by Sir Walter Scott Please ask 20g
Poems From Hospital by Jean & Howard Sergeant (1968) £5.00 380g
Poems Of Z by Paul Hyland Please ask 280g
Poems, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Christina Rosetti Please ask 20g
Poetry In The Making by Ted Hughes £5.00 110g
Poirot - Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie £6.99 110g
Poirot - Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Christie £2.50 110g
Poirot - Sad Cypress by Agatha Christie Fontana (Paperback - 1966) £7.50 110g
Poirot - The Clocks by Agatha Christie £1.50 120g
Poirot - The Labours of Hercules by Agatha Christie £0.99 150g
Polgara The Sorceress (Voyager) by David And Leigh Eddings Please ask 790g
Postmortem (Dr Kay Scarpetta) [Paperback] by Patricia Cornwell £1.50 220g
Prelude To Dune: House Harkonnen [Paperback] by Brian Herbert Please ask 350g
Quentins by Maeve Binchy £1.50 230g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - The Glory Boys by Gerald Seymour. Majesty: Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor by Robert Lacey. Ordinary people by Judith Guest. A Bag of Marbles by Joffo £2.50 530g
Reader's Digest Condensed Book - White Star, Coming Home, In The Shadow Of A Rainbow, EnigmaHarris Please ask 510g
Reader's Digest Condensed Books - The Silver Falcon by E Anthony; Snowbound Six by RM Stern; Emma and I by Sheila Hocken; The Dragon by A Coppel £2.50 510g
Reader's Digest Condensed Books - Vet in Practice, Johnnie Alone, Wolf Winter, Nightshade, Anne Frank Remembered by Hugh Lasgarn Please ask 510g
Reader's Digest Condensed Books [Hardcover] by Hank Searls, Francis Lynch . Et Please ask Please ask
Reader's Digest Condensed Books: Hungry as the Sea, The Gold of Troy, The Scofield Diagnosis, The Lantern NetworkSmith Please ask 520g
Redemption (Hardback) by Leon Uris £2.50 1270g
Remains Of Elmet by Ted Hughes and Fay Godwin Please ask 430g
River Of Death/Night Without End by Alistair Maclean Please ask 440g
Robert Merrick, Parson And Poet Please ask 20g
Robert Purns Love Songs Please ask 20g
Roofworld by Christopher Fowler £0.99 220g
Rose In Darkness by Christianna Brand Please ask Please ask
Rowan's Mill by Elizabeth Walker £2.50 340g
RS Thomas Love Poems Please ask 30g
Rumpole and the Younger Generation (Penguin 60s) by John Mortimer Please ask 30g
Rupert of Hentzau by Anthony Hope £2.50 210g
Savage Day (Hardback) by Thomas Wiseman Please ask Please ask
Seamus Heaney - The Redress Of Poetry Please ask 280g
Secret Harbour by Babara Cartland Please ask 90g
Seven Minutes Past Midnight by Walter Winward Please ask Please ask
Shadow Between by Anne Hampson Please ask 110g
Shadowdale (Tsr Fantasy) by Richard Awlinson £0.99 210g
Shake Hands Forever (Inspector Wexford) [Paperback] by Ruth Rendell £0.99 130g
Shall We Tell The President? (Coronet Books) by Jeffrey Archer £0.99 130g
Shall We Tell The President? by Jeffrey Archer £1.50 160g
Silent Honour [Paperback] by Danielle Steel £2.50 260g
Sisters In Arms by Kate Stevens £0.99 220g
Somebody's Baby (Sensation S.) by Marilyn Pappano £1.99 150g
Sonny's Blues (Penguin 60s) by James Baldwin Please ask 50g
Standard Stories From The Operas by Gladys Davidson Please ask 910g
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The Dominion War Vol 4: Sacrifice Of Angels £0.99 150g
Stars In A Dark Night, Letters Of Ivor Guerney by Anthony Boden Please ask 280g
Strand Of Dreams [Paperback] by Audrey Howard £0.99 340g
Summertime by Charlotte Bingham £1.50 290g
Super Friends!: Your Favorite Television Super-Team Is Back! Please ask 270g
T2: Infiltrator (Gollancz S.F.) by S. M. Stirling £2.99 310g
Tales From Ovid by Ted Hughes Please ask 350g
Tales Of A Monster Hunter by Peter Cushing Please ask 130g
Tanamera by Noel Barber Please ask 880g
Tears by Denise Brinig £2.50 310g
The Angel and Other Stories (Penguin 60s) by Patrick McGrath Please ask 30g
The Banker's Daughter by Nesta Wyn Ellis £1.99 290g
The Big Elfquest Gatherum by Richard Pini Please ask 1410g
The Birthday Party by Elvi Rhodes £0.99 220g
The Black Book by Lawrence Durrell £1.50 390g
The Black Candle [Paperback] by Catherine Cookson £1.50 340g
The Blind Years (Hardback) by Catherine Cookson £2.50 370g
The Blood Brother (Hardback) by Gavin Esler £2.50 620g
The British In Love (Hardback) by Jilly Cooper £2.50 540g
The Buffy Chronicles: The Unofficial Guide To "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Please ask 580g
The Call Of The Wild by Jack London Please ask 120g
The Captains Table by Richard Gordon Please ask 310g
The Carousel [Paperback] by Rosamunde Pilcher £0.99 120g
The Case Of The Counterfeit Eye by Erle Stanley Gardner £1.50 120g
The Case of the Duplicate Daughter by Erle Stanley Gardner £2.50 110g
The Chimney Sweeper (Hardback) by John Peton Cooke £2.50 530g
The Chinese Lantern by Harry Bowling £1.99 280g
The Cloud Above the Green by Philip Gibbs £3.99 380g
The Collapsium (Gollancz S.F.) by Wil Mccarthy Please ask 210g
The Collected Short Stories (Twentieth Century Classics) By F. Scott Fitzgerald Please ask 360g
The Comedians (The Great Writers Library) [Hardcover] by Graham Greene £2.50 390g
The Contract by Gerald Seymour £0.99 210g
The Covenant by James A. Michener £6.99 1360g
The Da Vinci Code [Paperback] by Dan Brown £0.99 320g
The Dancers At The End Of Time (Tale Of The Eternal Champion) by Michael Moorcock Please ask 830g
The Dark Half by Stephen King £1.99 280g
The Day Of The Storm by Rosamunde Pilcher £0.99 130g
The Deceiver by Frederick Forsyth Please ask 770g
The Demon Lover [Paperback] by Dion Fortune Please ask 110g
The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith Please ask 30g
The Desk Poems Book by Martin Domleo £1.50 110g
The Devil Of Aske by Pamela Hill £2.50 430g
The Devil Rides Out - The Haunting Of Toby Jugg - Gateway To Hell - To The Devil A Daughter (Hardback) by Dennis Wheatley Please ask 1330g
The Devil's Alternative by Frederick Forsyth Please ask Please ask
The Doctor (Doctor Who Files 1) Please ask 220g
The Draconian Rage starring Professor Bernice Summerfield [Audiobook] Please ask 110g
The Dragon In The Sword by Michael Moorcock £1.50 150g
The Dwelling Place [Paperback] by Catherine Cookson £0.99 230g
The Eighth Commandment (Hardback) by Lawrence Sanders £2.50 600g
The Eleventh Commandment [Hardcover] by Jeffrey Archer £1.99 390g
The Final Cut by Michael Dobbs Please ask 720g
The Fourth Protocol (Hardback) by Frederick Forsyth Please ask Please ask
The Frank Muir Book (Hardback) by Frank Muir £2.50 800g
The Garden of the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran £2.50 120g
The Garment by Catherine Cookson Please ask 410g
The Genius (Penguin 60s) by Frank O'Connor Please ask 30g
The Ginger Man by J.P. Donleavy Please ask 210g
The Girl by Catherine Cookson Please ask 210g
The Hellbound Heart [Paperback] by Clive Barker Please ask 110g
The Hollowing by Robert Holdstock Please ask 560g
The Hunting Of The Snark by Lewis Carroll Please ask 20g
The Husband's Story (Hardback) by Morman Collins £2.50 760g
The Invisibles: The Invisible Kingdom Vol 07 by Grant Morrison Please ask 420g
The J's On The Trail [Hardcover] by K. M. Macleod £5.50 370g
The Kings Grey Mare. [Hardcover] by Rosemary Hawley Jarman £2.50 440g
The Kissing Gate [Mass Market Paperback] by Pamela Haines £2.50 380g
The Language Of Stones by Robert Carter Please ask 830g
The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis (Puffin 1974) Please ask 120g
The Last Monsoon (Hardback) by Oliver Moxon £2.50 440g
The Legacy (Forgotten Realms) by R A Salvatore £2.50 170g
The Little Pot Boiler by Spike Milligan Please ask 70g
The Maid Of Buttermere [Paperback] by Lord Melvyn Bragg £0.99 430g
The Mask Of Glass by Holly Roth Please ask 90g
The Mill On The Floss (Penguin Popular Classics) [Paperback] by George Eliot £2.50 310g
The Misalliance by Anita Brookner £1.99 360g
The Murder On The Links (Hercule Poirot Mysteries) by Agatha Christie £1.50 140g
The Mysterious Maid-Servant [Large Print] by Barbara Cartland Please ask 410g
The Naked Heart by Jacqueline Briskin £2.50 280g
The Negotiator by Frederick Forsyth £2.50 770g
The North Star by Laurence Binyon Please ask 210g
The Pavilion on the Links (Penguin 60s) by Robert Louis Stevenson Please ask 50g
The Perfect Man (Abacus Books) by Fiona Pitt-Kethley £0.99 130g
The Portobello Road And Other Stories (Penguin 60s S.) by Muriel Spark Please ask 50g
The Portrait Of A Lady (Penguin Classics) by Geoffrey Moore Henry James £0.99 320g
The Prince by Celia Brayfield Please ask 890g
The Rainbow Through The Rain by Elvi Rhodes £1.99 310g
The Reeve's Tale by Margaret Frazer Please ask 20g
The Remorseful Day (Inspector Morse Mysteries) by Colin Dexter £0.99 240g
The Russia House (Hardback) by John Le Carre £2.50 690g
The Saint Sees It Through by Leslie Charteris (Paperback - 1961) £0.99 110g
The Sands Of Time [Paperback] by Sidney Sheldon £0.99 210g
The Savoy Operas by W S Gilbert Please ask 440g
The Sayings of Chairman Johnson by Samuel Johnson Please ask 20g
The Second Rumpole Omnibus by John Mortimer Please ask 510g
The Secret Of Life (Hardback) by Paul Mccauley £2.50 780g
The Seven Sleepers (Hardback) by Elizabeth Ferrars £2.50 410g
The Shattered Chain (Darkover) by Marion Zimmer Bradley £0.99 160g
The Solitary Man (Stephen Leather Thrillers) [Paperback] by Stephen Leather £1.99 330g
The Sound Of Music Please ask 140g
The Star Fraction by Ken Macleod Please ask 260g
The Stars Shine Down [Paperback] by Sidney Sheldon £2.50 260g
The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte Please ask 240g
The Wall of Partition by Florence Barclay Please ask 380g
The Way To Dusty Death by Alistair Maclean Please ask 430g
The Ways Of Women by Elaine Crowley £1.99 310g
The Wicked Day by Mary Stewart Please ask 670g
The Wild Island (Hardback) by Antonio Fraser £2.50 410g
The Works Of Tennyson Please ask 870g
Thendara House by Marion Zimmer Bradley Please ask 220g
There Was A Time by Edward Thomas Please ask 30g
Therese Desqueyroux [Paperback] by Francois Mauriac £7.99 120g
Third Time Lucky by Elizabeth Waite £0.99 230g
This Wicked Generation by Caroline Bridgwood £0.99 160g
Thunder Of Crude by Brian Callison £1.99 560g
Timeline (Hardback) by Michael Crichton £2.50 430g
To Newfoundland, Poems by Caroline Knox £3.50 310g
Tomorrows Memories by Audrey Howard £1.50 280g
Trevayne (Hardback) by Robert Ludlum £2.50 560g
Triad Two by Jack Aistrop (Hardcover - 1947) £3.50 260g
Trial And Retribution Ii by Lynda La Plante £0.99 170g
Trial Run [Hardcover] by Dick Francis £2.50 370g
Twice Tried by William Le Queux £3.50 190g
Two To Conquer by Marion Zimmer Bradley £1.50 190g
Two-Thirds : A History Of Our Galaxy [Paperback] by David P. Myers £5.00 1640g
Un certain sourire [Paperback] by Francoise Sagan £1.99 116g
Under A Calculating Star by John Morressy £0.99 110g
Une Histoire Du Vieux Temps by Jules De Glouvet, 12Ed 1929 Please ask 320g
Une Vie by Guy de Maupassant, Le Livre De Poche, 1968 Please ask 170g
Universe X: Volume 2 (Universe X) [Illustrated] by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger Please ask 660g
V.I. by Don Debrandt £1.50 190g
Van Richtens Guide To Ghosts (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) Please ask Please ask
Vie de Guy de Maupassant by Paul Morand (Paperback - 1942) £6.50 159g
Vipere au poing (Le livre de poche) [Unknown Binding] by Herve Bazin £4.50 165g
Volcano by Cecil Roberts Please ask 320g
Walking On Frogs by John Cassidy Please ask 120g
Wanderlust [Paperback] by Danielle Steel £0.99 240g
Wayward Angel by Elaine Crowley £1.99 260g
We're Still All In It by Sillince (Punch Illustrations Book) Please ask 240g
Wexford, 4 novels in 1, From Doon With Death, Some Lie and Some Die, Shake Hands For Ever, A Sleeping Life by Ruth Rendell Please ask 690g
What Rhymes With Secret? By Sandy Brownjohn Please ask 140g
Wheelers by Ian Stewart; Jack S. Cohen £0.99 290g
Where The Heart Is by Donna Vitek £0.99 110g
Whisper On The Wind [Paperback] by Elizabeth Elgin £1.99 310g
Windmills Of The Gods [Paperback] by Sidney Sheldon £0.99 240g
Writer's Guide To Business Of Comics by Lurene Haines Please ask 310g
X-Men: Doctor Doom (Chaos Engine) by Steven Roman, Stan Timmons Please ask 450g
X-Men: Magneto (Chaos Engine Book 2) [Paperback] by Steven A. Roman Please ask 380g