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There are many forms of Agate. Used to tone and strengthen the body and mind, also imparting courage. It aids your innate ability to recognise the truth and accept circumstances. Grounding but energetic, Agate is a powerful healer.

Blue Lace Agate is great when used on the third eye area as a sedative for the nerves, it is also useful in the relief of headaches, aids the flow of expression and helps gently open and expand the consciousness. Good for the introverted, calming to the mind and soothing to the emotions, it cools hot tempers and helps relieves stress (Acts on the fifth toward the sixth Chakras). Talisman for second half Pisces.

Botswana Agate helps with oxygenation of the body. Its characteristic swirl provides a visual
connection to wood and the entire plant kingdom. (Works on all of the Chakras.)

Dendritic Agate is used to assist with past life regression therapies.

Ellensburg Blue’s opalescent blue colouring tones the brow and the throat to relieve
headaches, and ease hayfever. It works very well in conjunction with programmed, clear quartz. (Works on the fifth and sixth Chakras.)

Fire Agate stimulates the entire system. Helpful with tissue regeneration and an aid to memory, it balances, grounds and protects. Earth and fire are combined in this beautiful stone which
emphasises a person’s astrological traits. (Acts on the first and sixth Chakras.)

Iris Agate regenerates the sense of touch in fingers that have been burnt or injured and helps encourage receptivity to inner truths.

Moss Agate helps improve circulation in the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Digestion and
elimination are improved. Harmony is a key attribute. The green inclusions, which in clearer
stones look exactly like a mossy growth, form a link to nature for the subconscious. (Activates the fourth Chakra.) Talisman for first half Gemini - formerly the chief talisman of farmers and for many centuries has been used primarily for water divining.

Green Moss Agate is good for centring, self-esteem, emotional balance and taking heart, Moss Agete also helps blood sugar balance, anorexia and other dietary problems. Chakra: 4

Plume Agate with its brown, red and orange colour range works on the regenerative and lower organs. Carried in the trouser pocket or similarly placed, it can energise and activate healing in the navel and base Chakra areas. It is also recommended for expression and grounding.
(Works on the first and second Chakras.)

Picture Agate improves visualisation by co-ordinating left and right brain functions during
meditation, encourages inner peace, helping the user spread joy to others.